Salad Central is a brand new concept designed around the health foods demand. It is a fun sexy and theatrical concept making you the consumer the Chef.

Recent market trends show a decline in the fast foods sector (Pre Covid). This is due to the awareness in people that healthy living equals a good life. With an image conscious populous thanks to instagram, people are now more aware than ever about health and fitness, along with constant marketing for healthy lifestyle and education in eating healthily. The combined mix is proving to be a perfect market for Salad Central to thrive in.

Salad Central is a fast, easy and fun concept that lets the consumer take control and be their own Chef in picking and choosing their own style of salad, poke, ramen, soups, ciabattas and wraps from a selection of over 200 delicious ingredients.


The new brand in health foods 

Salad Central serves amazingly delicious, tantalisingly refreshing Poke bowls, salads, wraps, baguettes, ciabattas and many more sumptuous meals to your choice of ingredients, as well as a choice of juices and smoothies made from 100% natural ingredients. 


Got a sweet tooth? You can now treat yourself to our delicious Sundaes and tasty Ice creams. Guilt free and a perfect way to enjoy desserts. 


All our products are 100% natural, free of GMOs, artificial sugars, colours  and preservatives.

Our environments are ambient and our customers can embrace a natural habitat where they can sit at their leisure, have a meeting, or just relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

Our interiors will be driven by its customers, a younger dynamic demographic that will find Salad Central “Instagramable” and take full advantage social media and viral postings.


Eat fresh, Feel great!







Hot Salads




Frozen Yogurt 



100% Clean, 100% Guilt free and absolutely zero preservatives.

Become the Chef and choose your 20 from over 200 delicious ingredients.


Choose from over 200 Ingredients!


Salad Central uses a unique blend in marketing its brand.

  • Theatre : Not only do you become the chef, but you get to see your personalised salad take shape and come to life. 

  • No limits to ingredients : With over 200 ingredients to choose from, it will allow customers to engage in  high level of customisation. You can now tailor make your own salad to reflect your very own personality.

  • Pricing : Targeted at an average sped of £7 per customer. A sweet spot for a healthy dining experience.  

  • Education : We use our message to educate the populous on eating clean and pursuing a healthy lifestyle.  

  • Location : Located directly in the city centre of Preston. Surrounded by focal points, shopping malls, universities and a central train station.

  • Pro Active : A marketing push to Schools, Colleges, Universities and Work places.

  • Technology Based : By utilising the latest i technological software application we can expand our message and connect to consumers across a wider target audience.

Some Facts 


Salads are the 3rd most popular search 

uber eats.png

Over 160,000 Searches Per Day for Salads

just east.png

 No Prime Salads Vendors in the North West Region 


 Prepared Salads and Veg Box Market Exceeds £1.1bn in the UK 

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 Increase of 45% in Vegetarians and Vegans in UK due to Health and Diet

The Next Big Name in Health Foods

Forward Thinking

Targeting each city with its own Pro Active sales team​​

  • Offices : Targeting and visiting offices within the local area.

  • Schools : Targeting schools, colleges and universities to promote a healthy lifestyle.

  • Education : Presenting the importance of "you are what you eat."

  • Technology : Implementing tech and Apps to enhance user experience. 

  • Workshops : Organising family workshops for our customers to raise awareness for leading a healthier lifestyle.

  • Health : Promoting the idea of healthy living.

  • Government Initiative : Working in line with Diabetes and Health related campaigns.

Business Meeting
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The app

The Salad Central App provides an easy to use interface displaying more than 200 ingredients to choose from in seconds!

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Slide it

Choose your selected items

by navigating through our

user friendly menu. Customise 

your salad with over 20 ingredients. 


All orders can be tracked

via the profile tab in our App.

Track Calories and Nutrition

for every salad you create!


We accept a variety of

payment methods including

Google Pay, Apple Pay, Paypal

and debit or credit cards.


Your order will be prepared

by our amazing team and

we will have it delivered for you

to enjoy ASAP.


3 Year Rollout plan

Year 1


Manchester x 2

Year 2






Year 3


Birmingham x 2




London x 4


6 Stores


Manchester x 2




2 Stores

Birmingham x 2

2 Stores



3 Stores




3 Stores




4 Stores

London x 4

Salad Central Timeline

2021 - 03/09 Months

Phase 1 : Preston launch

Grand opening of Salad Central's First store

2021 - 09/12 Months

Phase 2 : Regional expansion

Second store launch in Manchester.

2023 - 25/36 Months

Phase 3 Regional expansion


Third store launch in Manchester.

2024 - 15/24 Months

Phase 4 : Norther expansion

Store openings in Liverpool, Lancaster, Chester, Leeds, Sheffield and York.

Start to supply Forecourts and Supermarkets with 'Ready to go' Premium Salads.

2023 - 25/36 Months

Phase 5 : National expansion

Increase National footprint by opening new locations in Newcastle and Durham.

Moving down to Midlands open x2 stores in Birmingham.

East Midlands opening in Leicester, Nottingham and Derby.

Moving to the Capital introducing x4 stores in London Central.

Increase 'Ready to go' premium Salads to over 100 locations.

2024 - 40+ Months

Phase 6 : Valuation further expansion

Expected valuation of 20 stores with Ebita Circa £400K

Avg per store = £40m company valuation

£20m capital funding round to develop a further 100 stores to month 60 in prime locations in most prominent cities.

A Health emergency

Health emergency objectives 

We aim to deliver a strong message proactively to our consumers in living a healthy lifestyle through a good diet and introduce the idea of exciting foods that is good for a healthier living. 

Some facts

  • 3.8 million people in the England now have Diabetes amounting to 9% of the adult population

  • 90% of Diabetes are Type 2

  • 1 in 4 people, an estimated 940,000 are unaware of their condition

  • £10 billion spent on providing medical support as a result of these complications 

  • Salad Central will have health check areas. Each location will also promote living a healthy lifestyle and how Healthy eating can be beneficial both mentally and physically. 

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Investing in Salad Central  offers a number of benefits

  • Low level investment entry of £25,000

  • 100% capital returned in 3 years

  • Keep 5% equity in the business 

  • Investment guaranteed by the business 

  • Monthly board meeting involvement 

  • 3 years £250,000 share buyback

  • Invest in a healthier future! 

This is an unregulated private commercial investment - you are advised to seek

your own independent advice in the understanding that you are a professional investor 

Invest in a healthier future 


Living the Green dream!